Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An intent to roadtrip alongwith a concomitant opportunity to realize that dream begun these days on the road.

The first road trip was the one to Washington D.C., with Michael in an Infiniti G35.
D.C. , with it's gargantuan goevernment and foundation structures truly felt like the capital of USA and so did the accompanying grammatical error on a D.C. building in bold. The Hoover building and the policy of fear was evident just outside the building. The brilliantly sunny day lifted my spirits and it was a great start to a period which had been preceded by a marathon job hunt which ended at lightning speed when all things sorted themselves out.

The next warm-up trip was a relocation/house finding trip to Boston. This was my first exposure to beautiful New England and it was my longest drive till date.

Having sorted out all pressing matters, I proceeded to plan on the major road trip that lay ahead.

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