Sunday, September 25, 2011

As I walk alone - new friends by my side,
Streets of a new city remind me of old dreams.
Fantasies born out of childhood readings,
Reality is slightly different.
I am here now,
Here now,
But the streets look a little different.
It is a time to smell the flowers
It is a time to grow
It is a time to watch the beauty
Of people, places and life.
The misty morning sets my thoughts adrift
Still young in so many ways
But wiser in some.
Life's in pause - incubating in dreams, juices of life,
In moments of pure beauty, in moments of truth,
In moments of friendship.
I set myself free
When I learned a little more about myself.
So many people out there,
Poetry in lives of others.
The world goes round and round and round
While I stand still and watch.
Each person touches me in a certain way,
Some set fire to my imagination
Whose sparks sometimes lead to fire
A phoenix rises out of those ashes
A new me and a new you
We've changed now.

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