Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My exchange trip was not only an opportunity to travel abroad but meet new people, learn from them and enjoy their company. The opportunities were plenty. I recount a few of those that stuck in my mind.

Gus - one of my two roommates. You can learn the art of of being a good listener from him. Our morning cappuccinos were something I still miss.
Susanna - my Italian language teacher. Taught me how to generate enthusiasm in the subject being taught - a wonderful teacher.
Nikki - my other roommate. Her ability to maintain good relations with everyone was worth learning from.
Shanif - my exchange mate. He can show you how to put loyalty to friends above petty self-interests.
Bianca - my exchange mate and travel buddy. She was the master of teaching you how to be respectful to others and yourself.
Armin - a man of few words. He can teach you how to be reliable. He was also good at execution of various "project" during our stay showing his versatile skills. He fit my stereotype of a German in some ways though not all!
Parth - this man is a gem. Full of positive energy - he appreciates the good things in life and has a knack for finding them. He can also teach you how to be polite and considerate of other people.


Happy New Year!! and thanks for the compliments :)